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Dear Friends,


In times of Corona, many industries are suffering, including the artist industry.

Due to the measures taken to contain the pandemic, many entertainers, performers and artists (of all kinds) have been cut off from their usual way of reaching their audiences with their art.


I would like to help in my own way!


I would like to help other “artists” who are currently digitally adapting and starting new projects to find supporters for their projects online.


That's why I'm currently looking into the online portal (with which thousands have already successfully implemented their art projects) and am learning how to successfully run a Kickstarter campaign.


My goal is to successfully complete a wide variety of art projects with Kickstarter, both my own, joint works and those of other "artists".

Among other things, in the future I would like to generate funds and carry out projects that could really help many artists effectively, such as online art auctions, virtual vernissages, performance online videos and the implementation of show acts of all kinds for after Corona.


I hope you all support me as an "artist" and also my art projects as well as all other "artists" whom in the future I will help to implement their art projects using Kickstart.

I am very grateful for any kind of support, even if it is just to "share" this landingpage.

Here as a test run of one of my art projects:

PBE - Kickstarter Werbung 02.JPG

Plan B Enforcers - Graphic eNovel Project

This project is about creating a

"Graphic eNovel"!


If you don't like this project so far, rest assured that there will be more to come that you may find more interesting.

Hier finden Sie Sci-fi und Fantasy Geschichten vom Autor und Künstler

Shawn Lee Hartmann.


Weitere eBooks sowie eComics und andere Werke finden Sie hier auf Frameless Arts.

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