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  Plan B Enforcers

   Earth´s last line of defense

A Graphic eNovel, boosted by real motion panels

Plan B Enforcers - The Graphic eNovel

Malcolm White (eccentric superhero-comic-fanboy, internet-genius-billionaire, collage-drop-out), received a distress-call from someone who seems to be one of earth´s last protectors.

With the distress-call, he was sent undeniable proof that the earth has been invaded by aliens and it´s protector´s plan of salvation didn´t work and they lost the fight. Meaning that for decades now, unknown to the public, earth is being ruled by alien´s secret empire! Feeling chosen to become earth´s next protector, he is determined to take action. For him it´s all clear and it´s time to enforce plan b!


With this in mind he gathered some of the world´s most gifted individuals and armed them with state-of-art battle-tech, to give them the capability to battle any extraterrestrials threats they might encounter.


To date the aliens have long infiltrated earth´s 21 century main control-centers, which are located in Washington’s District of Columbia (which is not part of the City of Washington or the US), the inner city of London (which is not part of London or England) & Vatican City (which is not part of Rome or Italy). These cities, called City States, have their own independent flags, their own separate laws & their own separate identities.

Soon available!

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